The world's top ten watches

Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Piaget and Cartier are the top ten watch brands in the world. Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex and Girard-Perregaux. There are also a list of the world's 12 famous watches, namely: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Lange A. LANGE & SOHNE, Breguet Breguet, Haojue POGER DUBIUS, Parmigiani PARMIGIANI, Blancpain Blancpain, Athens Ulysse Nardin, Frank Muller FRANCK MULLER, Glashütte Original, Girard-PERREGAUX. One, Patek Philippe - noble symbol Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Since 1839 Patek Philippe Patek Philippe is committed to carry forward the tradition of high watchmaking in Geneva. This independent replica watches manufacturer enjoys complete freedom to design, produce and assemble world-recognized quality watches. Classic design and the combination of top technology Patek Philippe is a generation of time items. Today, in order to maintain its independence and to ensure the production of quality standards to meet internal standards, Patek Philippe recently acquired two professional manufacturers: La Chaux-de-Fonds case maker Calame and Tramelan impression manufacturer Ergas. The two companies are located in the Swiss Jura mountains. Second, Vacheron Constantin - aristocratic works of art Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1775 (Qing Emperor Qianlong 20 years), 247-year-old, is the world's oldest, longest-running brand-name fake rolex watches. Other watches at the beginning of the 18th century has not yet been born, it has become a treasure of the European royal nobles. The founder of the company is the philosopher Jean Marc Washlon is also a good friend of Rousseau and Voltaire Vacheron Constantin annual production of only more than 20,000 watch, only worthy of collection, is the true sense of the aristocratic works of art. The altar in the watch even more than the status of Patek Philippe. The Swiss emblem on the dial-like Crusader mark, is already a symbol of status, status, and wealth. Regardless of the past or today, Vacheron Constantin has always been in the history of the Swiss watch industry to play a key role. Third, Audemars Piguet - adhere to a century tradition Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet In 1875, audemars Piguet Audemars Audemars and two young founder, officially registered in 1881, "Audemars Biguet & Cie" Audemars Piguet factory. Audemars Piguet has been obsessed with watchmaking art, with infinite creativity and unique vision, focusing on the development of ultra-thin mechanical parts, such as ringing timer, Sun Moon Star profit and loss, chronograph, time display, temperature measuring device and compass , Creating a sophisticated mechanical watches, award-winning. In 1889 at the tenth Paris world watches and clocks, Audemars Piguet Grand Complication Tuo watch exhibitors, with the question sheet, double needle timer and permanent calendar function, exquisite design attracted great echo, fame, Renowned international, Audemars Piguet in the watch altar established a lofty position. In 1972, launched a steel sports watch, called "Royal Oak", immediately stir the altar watch, has become a classic handed down. Today, Audemars Piguet with its remarkable achievements, deeply watch connoisseurs and collectors respected. Audemars Piguet company in Switzerland with a watch school, watch industry in order to cultivate the necessary clocks talent. An apprentice must complete a four-year course at a watch school to qualify as a qualified watchmaker, but to be an Audemars Piguet master, it will take another two years to qualify. Fourth, the treasure - the father of modern watchmaking Treasure Island Treasure Island In 1747, Breguet Breguet was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He spent most of his life in Paris, creating countless great inventions throughout his life. He was active in every aspect of the watchmaking industry, and his succession On the peak, such as improved automatic watch, the invention of replica watches uk the bell from the bell with the bell spring; and shock absorbers, etc .; and its neo-classical simplicity of design is even more surprises. In 1823, Breguet's death, his descendants are no shortage of masterpieces. In modern times, the fifth generation of Breguet Sun in the fifties made with a return to time function of the watch. Scientist Albert Einstein and author Tchaikovsky were Breguet's loyal users. Many people call Breguet as "watch king", said Breguet is "the father of modern tabulation", is appropriate. 5, nations - excellent quality of machinery manufacturing IWC IWC IWC IWC was founded in 1868, tabulation has 130 years of history. Founding place called summer Buddha Hauser, the local history of watches can be traced back to the early 15th century, a full 459 years earlier than the IWC. IWC was founded by Florenine A. Jones, a Boston engineer who founded the earliest mechanical watchmaking factory in the Rhine and realized his novel idea of ​​replacing some of the artificially manufactured Out of more precise parts, and then by the first-class watch division assembled into the quality of the extraordinary watch. IWC IWC performance in recent years, up to five hundred percent, the results are quite amazing. Sixth, count - the supreme treasure count count Founded in 1874, the Swiss watch-PIAGET, with excellent design talent, and superb watchmaking technology, PIAGET watch altar leading the world for a century, the world watch industry to release splendor, shine. PIAGET the first slim mechanical operation device, the achievements of prominent, is the history of the watch industry legend. Today, PIAGET produced, each part are manufactured by the PAGET studio, unique, silk Haohao Gou, and even set up their own gold casting plant, in order to perfect. In addition to the unique mechanical operation of the device, PIAGET design thinking is common, all cases and bracelets are bound to use 18K gold or platinum casting, and the surface design is colorful, unique. 7, Cartier - upper class pets Cartier Cartier The only non-Swiss brand watches, which is enough to explain its worth a lot of money. Cartier family in the mid-19th century is famous for its jewelery, gold and silver jewelry manufacturing master. Louis. Cartier was the royal family was appreciated goldsmith craftsman. In 1888, Cartier try to set the gold bracelet inlaid with diamonds on the mechanical ladies watch. 1904 as an old friend of Santos (SANTOS) and the manufacture of a gold watch started. Since then Cartier watch has been a high society pets, enduring. Cartier Cartier with the advantages of international brand-name group, production and sale of high-end jewelry, won the aristocracy and the rich favor. Eight, product family - to create the Guinness Book of Records Product family Product family Jake Jaeger leCoultre company predecessor was founded in 1883 by Charles Anthony Lakota watchmaking company, the founder is a skilled craftsman .He invented the measurement accuracy can be accurate to 1/1000 mm Of the micron meter, so that parts processing precision watches and clocks greatly improved. Held in 1851 by Renton. 1992 product family to create a record of the micro-movement of the Guinness Book of Records 2 orders (1 order = 2.256 cents), shocked the watch industry. In 1953, the British Queen Elizabeth II is wearing an all-platinum diamond-studded product family 2 watch. The twenties and thirties, Jaeger-LeCoultre polo design for the shock-resistant, impact-resistant flip watch has become a product family of signs series, enduring. In 1982 the product company developed ATMOS clock to create a plot and a brilliant. 9, Rolex - watch the overlord Rolex Rolex Rolex is the predecessor company W & D company. By the German Hans Wisendorf and the British Davis in 1905 (Qing Guangxu 31 years) in London partnership. 1908, Wisconsin in Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fen registered "Rolex" trademark, which changed to Rolex ROLEX. The Rolex logo was originally a five finger palm, it said the brand's watch is entirely by hand crafted. After gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark, to show its dominance in the field of watches. Is the world's most valuable brand 10 3, the only watch brand. 20 years of the 20th century, Rolex company to develop the first waterproof watch. In 1926, Rolex waterproof watch official registration. Rolex watches design style has been in a "solemn, practical, not flashy" by all walks of life favorite, especially in the Far East and the Middle East region. 10, Girard Perregaux - 尽显 distinguished Girard Perregaux Girard Perregaux Girard-PERREGAUX from Geneva, founded in 1791, more than two centuries, Girard-Perregaux watch creativity is endless, thanks to countless excellent behind the watchmakers, from generation to generation, hard work, so that Its fine tradition of tabulation to flourish, to today's world-acclaimed position. Watch production, is the crystallization of the mind, but also the perfect match with the pursuit of aesthetics and techniques; meet the different tastes and trends of the times, must not detract from the traditional quality and advantages, to make people feast for the eyes, always the same.