Suzhou Patek Philippe watch recycling prices

Patek Philippe watch recycling prices have been high, in the second-hand watch recycling market, "no one really has Patek Philippe, but for the next generation custody only" Speaking of Patek Philippe, we can think of is this sentence. You know, Patek Philippe can be far more than these ... ... Mr. Bai Da (left) and Mr. Fei Li (right) Patek Philippe is a combination of two surnames. In the 19th century, 40 years, Mr. Baida at the French industrial exhibition met French watchmaker Mr. Fei Li, and invited Mr. Fei Li joined his own watch company, from then on they opened the two cooperation. They founded Patek Philippe in 1839, the swiss replica watches predecessor of the company. In 1932 Patek Philippe's supplier financially strong Steng Brothers acquired Patek Philippe. Since then, Patek Philippe began in the hands of the family's heritage, and continues today. The source of the noble brand of the residence Patek Philippe attaches importance to the expression of each product, and strive to make each work contains a unique charm (by the different movement and design of the small gap to achieve) rather than as a series of dependencies. Number is very important for the Patek Philippe watches, can say hot or complex function models Patek Philippe watch number is to distinguish ordinary watch enthusiasts and senior watch friends one of the dominant criteria. Patek Philippe 5960 Currently able to refer to is that the uk replica watches beginning of the number 3 for the old section of male form, the beginning of the number 5 for the new male form, the number 4 at the beginning of the female form, and the new Ladies First complex features ladies are beginning with the number 7, etc. Wait. Cala Zhuohua cross and Patek Philippe imprint Since 1932, Patek Philippe used Calatrava to name all the round watches (the round watch is not so popular now and rich), has now become the most extensive product line. In the Patek Philippe watches put Tuo, clasp, half-hunting watch back cover and the official paper information are often "Kara Zhuhua cross" logo, is regarded as a symbol of Patek Philippe brand. "Kara Zhuhua Cross" is a flower-shaped cross, it is the emblem of the Spanish Knights, Patek Philippe was later used as a brand identity. Patek Philippe imprint For a long time, Patek Philippe has been the largest number of brands to enjoy the Geneva mark. Until 2009, Patek Philippe announced the exclusive "Patek Philippe Seal", it not only beyond the Swiss watch industry all the existing quality standards, but also from a human point of view of the company's service links were standardized, on behalf of the family business to the consumer Made a commitment: that is Patek Philippe from 1839 onwards made of each piece of timepieces to provide life-long maintenance and repair services to ensure that it can be handed down from generation to generation. Patek Philippe Geneva Salon Patek Philippe, the family business it is replica watches very strict management, and embodied in the brand unique sales file system. The so-called sales file, is for the watch factory production and sales of each product to establish a detailed record. No matter how many years later, when the owner of this watch will be sent back to watch factory for maintenance or repair, you can find the corresponding historical records and inventory replacement parts. At present in the entire watch industry only Patek Philippe can do.