The world's number one watch

For watch enthusiasts who have a piece of Patek Philippe watches it is a very honorable thing, but each person in love with the value of the different feelings of different things, even for the aesthetic perception of knowledge is not the same, so there is no The real ranking, like it is true. If you insist on ranking, it can only talk about now selling the most expensive watches, and here we come together to announce the world's top-ranked watch it! 11 million US dollars the most expensive achievements in the history of the watch The world's number one rolex replica watches The world 's most expensive watch: Patek Philippe Henry Graves ultra - complex function pocket watch December 1999 in Sotheby's auction, Patek Philippe a "Henry Graves super complex function pocket watch" to $ 11 million to add to shoot, so far no other watches break, if calculated in accordance with the price, the pocket watch can be said Is the world's first watch. "Henry Graves" ultra-complex function pocket watch by Patek Philippe watchmaker pure handmade, with 18K gold, with calendar, three questions and other 24 complex functions pocket replica watches uk. Dial to do a delicate decoration, showing deep night sky above the New York sketch map, three questions can be issued to the London Big Ben's wonderful temperament, moon phase function of the moon profit and loss. The pocket watch has a total of more than 900 components, is expected to accurately travel to 2100. Origin: The origin of this pocket watch is also very interesting. American banker and watch collector Henry Graves and his old friend accidentally carried on a watch competition to see who owns the world's most complex timepieces. So Henry Graves to Patek Philippe customized this timepiece. This pocket watch from design to production, with more than five years time, the achievements of this unprecedented super-complex masterpiece. In 1933, Henry Graves got the pocket watch, has been held until his death. Since then, in the United States Rockford Seth G. Atwood's time museum is responsible for keeping the watch. Until 1999, the museum closed down, this pocket watch took to participate in the rolex replica uk auction of Sotheby's in New York, was a Qatar royal family to 11 million US dollars of the high price photographed. It is reported that Patek Philippe watches average retail price of $ 13,000 to $ 20,000. Swiss company is the only real one of the independent watchmaker, from head to tail are their own production, training a PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) watch division needs 10 years. It is often said that the rich play watch, really right, Moreover, a watch teacher will go through a decade-long training, we can see its value.